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got 99 problems…

(image via jumpseatmonalisa)

…but a stitch ain’t one. FOR REALS.

i’m not much for tees, but this one by jumpseatmonalisa (printed on secondhand shirts) is so hilariously kick ass…it hurts. anything that combines/subverts craftiness and hip hop at the same time puts it in the running for “best tee shirt ever created” (in my hip hop/needlework loving mind, anyway)…

why i love etsy: reason #94654530304

because i can find kick-ass stuff like these KILLER gold boots from the 80s:

(image via PranceAndSwagger)

those suckers are now MINE MINE MINE. *cackles* can’t wait to get them in my grubby paws and wear them until they fall apart…

they happen to be from PranceAndSwagger‘s shop. which you should really check out, it’s got lots of good vintage finds…

seriously though, it’s a great site! i don’t think i’ll ever stop gushing over it and about it. *loving sigh*


oh, hey…

preytell: what’s been your favorite find, ever, on etsy, one you actually purchased and wear (vintage or handmade)? attach a pic or link if you wish, maybe i’ll do a roundup of the best of your bests! 🙂 c’mon, all, it’ll be fun!

searching etsy/ebay: aztec

sometimes, when i have a few minutes of peace and time to waste on the computer (something in short supply these days!), i like to plug relevant and interesting search terms into etsy (or sometimes ebay) and see what [potentially] cool stuff comes up.

see below: some very cool finds on etsy that were delivered to me after putting “aztec” in the search field, and pulling down the “vintage” category at the same time. enjoy!

aztec jacket.jpg

aztec purse.jpg

aztec sundress 2.jpg

aztec earrings.jpg

aztec skirt.jpg

etsy love: softspoken




i know of miss softspoken from wardrobe_remix…she’s been a contributor there for many years now. she’s got a savvy eye for stellar vintage pieces (see that superb old multicolored liz claiborne bag she’s selling, shown above)…but where she soars, i say, is with her lovely hand-crocheted hats and other accessories. lookit those bobbles! delicious.

summer is my least favorite time of year, it’s too hot and steamy and sweaty (in NYC at least)…and all during this stickiest of seasons i daydream about the cooler days to come and all the sartorial possibilities inherent to thus. softspoken’s hats are the just the kind of thing, the perfect textural, colorful winter pieces, that i see in said (day)dreams. too too good.

etsy love: laura lombardi jewelry




in the event that i was actually in the mood to spend some moolah, i wouldn’t mind picking up a piece of jewelry like any of the above by laura lombardi jewelry. her etsy shop is full of similarly chic pieces, many of them fashioned out of that finest of materials, my favorite, gold (yum yum!). the last of the pieces shown above i spotted on wikstenmade. my my, jenny gordy, do you ever have good taste…

etsy love: wooly bison



whilst poking around on etsy looking for what’s what in duffel bags these days (i love duffels at the moment! a bit of an obsession…) i came across these bags (one of which is a duffel, natch!) by etsy-ian wooly bison, who hails from seattle. all the handmade bags and accessories wooly bison creates are pilfered from secondhand/used wool suit jackets. such a smart, sassy (re)use of (what are normally often) staid, serious materials, no?

the duffels are super cute (!!!), but i am also grooving pretty hard on the navaho applique on the gray bag pictured above, as i am into folk textiles of the world (duh!); additionally, i gather that navaho and all things native american are currently having a moment at the moment…so i thought i’d let you whose aesthetic leans toward such things know about this lovely piece as well.

also, extra info for ya: wooly bison has a blog & a flickr page, which you can (now) peruse at your leisure.