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i’ve got a pattern in ‘stitch and bitch superstar knitting’!

stitch and bitch superstar knitting by debbie stoller

my pattern in debbie's new book

my pattern in debbie's new book

more personal news of a crafty/”hey-i’m-published-again” sort: i’ve got a knitting pattern published in debbie stoller’s newly-released tome, stitch and bitch superstar knitting! it’s the “empire strikes back dress,” which can be found page 293. it was formerly known as the age of acid empires sweater dress (my original name for it), it’s the same dress i’m wearing in this ancient wardrobe_remix pic:


i’m so tickled that debbie chose to style the sweater with a contrasty color scheme (and have it modeled by a redhead!). hee hee! 🙂

thank you, thank you, thank you, debbie for letting me be a part of your book! this one, like all the others, is bound to be a big success…it’s chock-full of great info and knitting knowledge and debbie’s usual bon mots…and the patterns featured within are pretty frickin’ killer. a little something for everyone: cables, lace, beading, and so much more. GO GET A COPY. 🙂


and to anyone who ever emailed me, commented at me, or pestered me via ravelry about whether a pattern for this sweaterdress would ever be available, here you go. 😛 enjoy.

also: if you ever make this dress, or a variation of it, email me! i’d love to see other people’s twists or versions of it! 🙂

catching up: my BUST ‘looks’ columns of the last several months

BUST looks column june/july 2010

BUST looks column june/july 2010: mai le!!!

LOOKS columns in BUST

LOOKS column: debra rapoport

LOOKS column:  elsie flannigan

catching up on several months worth of press…so, so behind. but like i say all the damn time these days/months/years, better late than never. 😛

seen above: interviews in my LOOKS column in BUST magazine: starring, in order of publication, mai le of fashionist, debra rapoport (of advanced style fame), and elsie flannigan of red velvet art. brilliant gals, all.


i frickin’ LOVE doing this column, people. i mean, look, i get to pick a gorgeous, smart woman and then chat her up for a bit up about matters of style, life, and what she’s wearing (in the photo in question). it’s fun! it’s mind-blowingly interesting (to me anyway!). and when it hits the stands, she gets to shine, lookin’ fabulous on the pages of a nationally (internationally?) distributed mag. it makes her feel good, and i feel good about that. and hopefully people like reading about them and getting into their stylish heads. win-win-WIN!(?)

my BUST looks column april/may 2010: izzy hayes

my third BUST looks column

my third BUST looks column

yet another one of my patented, perfected “better late than never” announcements:

my latest looks column interview is out, in the april/may 2010 issue of BUST. should be on newstands now. go get it! 🙂

this one’s all about the lovely, creative izzy hayes, who hails from montreal, quebec, canada. check her blog out here! she’s been on wardrobe_remix since almost the beginning (i think?), and was absolutely a dear…we could have talked for hours.

which is the case with pretty much everyone i’ve chatted with so far…such fascinating women, with such imitable style, and a plethora of intelligent, interesting things to say about fashion and so much more. such an honor to do this! i find it incredibly fun.

as always, thanks BUST! and thanks izzy!

guess who’s got a column in BUST?

BUST magazine -- dec/jan 2010
(the cover!)

BUST magazine -- dec/jan 2010
(the column!)

BUST magazine -- dec/jan 2010
(my bio!)

i’ve got an article in BUST magazine this month…well, it’s sort of a column…it’s the LOOKS column! i am so very honored to have been asked to do it; the LOOKS column has been one of my favorite features in BUST since i started reading the mag in the early 2000s…i have torn out and saved tons of the previous featured girls & their interviews over the years!

BUST is, hands down, one of my favorite magazines, i am always delighted when it lands in my mailbox. how incredible is it to get the chance to WRITE the LOOKS column?? pretty awesome. a dream come true actually.

the first interview for the column is with the absolutely gorgeous and unique tamera ferro, of, who has been a long time contributor to wardrobe_remix (since close to the beginning, i think??). i’ve always admired her style…there’s absolutely no one like her in the universe (especially style-wise!) and i felt she deserves the recognition and accolades! doesn’t she look stunning??!! such a creative gal.

thanks tamera! thanks BUST!

wardrobe_remix in JPG magazine

from the “better late than never” bits and bobbins/wardrobe_remix/tricia royal news department:

way back in may and june i mentioned that i was a guest judge for one of JPG magazine‘s photo challenges, the one that featured wardrobe_remix as it’s theme. perhaps some of you remember…?


the issue featuring my selections hit the magazine stands back in july. the article was in their superb street fashion issue (#17)!

jpg street fashion issue.png

(btw, if you click on the link above, you can peruse/preview all of the aforementioned issue. nice!)


here’s a quick snap of the article itself:

wardrobe_remix in jpg magazine

thanks to all the fine folks whose photos i selected, who made it into the final cut of the magazine! several of those featured in the article are wardrobe_remix contributors, and others are just cool people who clearly know how to wield a camera well (and have cool personal style!). special thanks to those who in turn called out wardrobe_remix in their accompanying interviews. thanks, guys!

and of course, thanks again, JPG magazine!

wardrobe_remix in BUST magazine

whoa!: there’s a fashion spread in the latest (aug./sept. 2008) issue of BUST magazine that mentions wardrobe_remix and features some sassy, stylish wardrobe_remix(ers)! very cool.

i didn’t know anything about it until said issue arrived in my mailbox, at the end of last week (i’m a subscriber). i feel like i’m the last one to know about these things sometimes! hee. 🙂

here be the spread:

wardrobe_remix in aug/sept 2008 issue of BUST magazine

wardrobe_remix in aug/sept 2008 issue of BUST magazine

wardrobe_remix in aug/sept 2008 issue of BUST magazine

sadly, BUST neglected to mention the url for the group. what gives, BUST? 😛 but, thank you anyway, for the coverage, such as it is. it’s much appreciated!


and, congrats to the gals featured in the spread: the snail and the cyclops, sally jane vintage, boboniaa, and ami mai (whom i don’t know/recognize to connect her with a flickr handle! can anyone help? there are so many w_r’s posting these days, almost 10k! yay, but eep!).

you certainly deserve the recognition, ladies! congrats.