frequently asked questions

what’s bits + bobbins dot com all about?
bits + bobbins is my personal website. you can learn more about me and my work here. it is the home of my fashion/craft/design/personal blog of the same name, and also serves as a link to my etsy shop, where i sell a few select pieces of my handiwork.
what is your commenting policy on the bits + bobbins blog?
just so’s you know: ALL comments on bits + bobbins are moderated.thoughtful, constructive, positive, and respectful comments are of course always welcome on bits + bobbins.

spam/advertising, blatantly nasty, rude comments of an attacking nature, or trolling/flaming/abusing/insulting other commenters or myself will not be tolerated here. any questionable comments shall be deleted at my discretion or perhaps not posted at all. repeat offenders will be banner-ated.  also, anonymous comments are not allowed on bits + bobbins.  thanks for understanding.

hey, aren’t you the gal who started wardrobe_remix on flickr?
why yes, i did! i created the wardrobe_remix, the DIY street fashion community in september of 2005, when i was a fashion design student at parsons. wardrobe_remixis a positive place for creative, style-minded folks of all shapes, races, genders and aesthetics to share their every day, idiosyncratic take on personal style, and discuss matters of style as well (via the community’s discussion forum). join us!if you have any questions pertaining to wardrobe_remix (concerning it’s ethos, history, community, features, rules, or otherwise) please visit the wardrobe_remix website for more information, or feel free to contact me!