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yup, it’s been a while again. 😛

went to the salvo in the town over from mine saturday, by myself (aka, without le bebe poppy or husband in tow). it was bliss; some much needed shopping time all to myself. they went sledding in my absence…whee! sounded like fun.

-black 80s sweater dress with multicolored yoke: salvation army, port chester
-hand dyed alpaca feather and fan scarf: knit by me
-black leggings: old ones from newport news
-red patent ankle boots: from nordstrom’s rack in chicago (state street), last winter
-yellow plastic calculator watch: jc penney, an xmas gift from my mom
-red resin ring: dinosaur designs
-multicolored plastic donut shaped earrings: thrifted @ thrift town, SF.

trying out wearing some red lipstick, good old revlon “fire and ice”. i pretty much never wear lipstick…can’t remember the last time i really did. i know for certain that the last time i wore red lipstick was high school…and that was…a long time ago. early 1990s. ancient times! anyway, it’s fun. want to maybe find a more orangey-red shade though, to play around with.

-anyone have any favorite (red) shades/brands?

-mind suggesting any good beauty/makeup blogs?

-are there any on the offbeat side? or any for ladies of advanced age (haha!) like me? 😛



shown here sportin’ a denim jumper i whipped up friday/saturday, from some new denim and a vintage simplicity pattern (circa 70s). this pattern to be exact (simplicity 5021):

where i get my inspiration from

sometimes people ask me where i get my inspiration from…
my best answer?
musty old patterns like this one. 😛 i especially love those that hail from the 1970s and 80s. those two versions on the right of the above pattern are so killer; i’d wear the outfits shown in a heartbeat.

because i’m curious: does anyone know if there’s a site for reviewing old sewing patterns, kind of like but something that’s for older patterns/out of date patterns and the crazy people who like to sew them (aka, people like yours truly)?


my final take? this particular pattern would probably be more suitable for a gal with a mile long torso and minimal boobage (like the drawings, haha!) (aka not me!), but i like it anyway.

been obsessing over aprons/pinafores/jumpers/overalls lately, esp. in denims or colored denims. another permutation of my workwear love, rearing it’s head, surely. i’ve been scouring etsy and ebay for old, interesting apron/apron jumper/overalls patterns like mad over the past couple months. have been amassing quite a little collection of said patterns.


other pertinent info:

-black and white striped tee: ralph lauren. thrifted in chicago
-apron: see above
-black and white polka dot leggings: uniqlo
-black shorty cowboy boots: frye
-brass fulani earrings: beads of paradise in manhattan
-goldtone cloud ring:

catching up: my BUST ‘looks’ columns of the last several months

BUST looks column june/july 2010

BUST looks column june/july 2010: mai le!!!

LOOKS columns in BUST

LOOKS column: debra rapoport

LOOKS column:  elsie flannigan

catching up on several months worth of press…so, so behind. but like i say all the damn time these days/months/years, better late than never. 😛

seen above: interviews in my LOOKS column in BUST magazine: starring, in order of publication, mai le of fashionist, debra rapoport (of advanced style fame), and elsie flannigan of red velvet art. brilliant gals, all.


i frickin’ LOVE doing this column, people. i mean, look, i get to pick a gorgeous, smart woman and then chat her up for a bit up about matters of style, life, and what she’s wearing (in the photo in question). it’s fun! it’s mind-blowingly interesting (to me anyway!). and when it hits the stands, she gets to shine, lookin’ fabulous on the pages of a nationally (internationally?) distributed mag. it makes her feel good, and i feel good about that. and hopefully people like reading about them and getting into their stylish heads. win-win-WIN!(?)

totally totin’: maptotes



(images via maptote)

while i was checking out at manhattan’s kinokuniya bookstore this past weekend, i stumbled across a little display of bags from (brooklyn’s) maptote. lookin’ at ’em, it’s so clear that they vibe with that whole current design trend that’s all about cities and maps and showing some city love/pride, no?

lately i’ve been aching to be back in NYC! i felt moved to show a little love to my favorite locale, so i snagged a NY maptote for myself! it’s officially my favorite new bag: it’s this perfect middling shade of denim, and the ink is poppy pencil yellow. cavernous enough to carry the essentials and maybe a little more. yay yayness!

memory (like an elephant): spray painted gold boots

gold boots.png
(image via this ebay listing)


i seem to have this crazy long memory for interesting things i’ve spotted on others. i’ll see someone wearing something in (what i feel is) an inspired way, make a mental note of it, and often find myself thinking about that person and that cool item of theirs, sometimes for years and years, oftentimes almost obsessively.

back in the mid-2000s, pete and i were out in san francisco, and were grabbing a drink at a local coffeehouse. said coffeehouse was in the mission, if the (faded) memory serves. i sat down to take a swig out of my juice, looked up and toward the cashier stand, and spotted a stylin’, gray-haired, middle-age woman in a vintage-flavored, thrifty outfit, most of the details of which are by now quite hazy.

however, i remember one detail of her outfit quite distinctly: she was wearing a pair of nicely beat-up leather cowboy boots, that were spray-painted in a rich metallic gold. the paint job was a bit imperfect and/or a bit worn. i instantly fell in love…with her boots! gold!! old! awesome!

…i haven’t stopped thinking about them since.

i’ve been meaning to replicate said boots (using an old pair of secondhand green leather justin’s i’ve got laying around), but haven’t gotten around to it…yet. maybe soon. maybe this post will provide the impetus i need to get going on that long fallow project…


two things…

have you ever spray painted your shoes/any shoes/an accessory/leather goods? what were the results? any tips on how to successfully “tag” your taps?

two: i wanna know about you! do you ever obsess over the details in others get-ups? do you have a memory of something you peeped on someone else stuck in your head, even still? were you moved to find or replicate that item or that person’s look?

or am i the only elephant?

gathering clouds: cloud brooches by paper boat press




i’ve had a link to these ceramic cloud brooches by paper boat press open in my browser for about, oh, two months or so. ha! i just keep going back to their shop and marveling at their cuteness. simple, graphic….so nice. in the interest of cleaning up my browser tab insanity, i’m sharing my obsession…

as with the quilt block pins in my last post, i think these would look particularly perfect in a small group off to the side on the chest of any interesting sweater or jacket.

…in fact, i think pretty much anything looks better in a group! multiples = collections = awesome. 🙂